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Eigen Control

Trusted by Clients Worldwide

Join the Global Leaders Working with Us

Trusted by Clients Worldwide

Join the Global Leaders Working with Us

a fluid yelow blob that is surrounded by strings

AI for CFD Acceleration

Implementation of PyTorch and Tensorflow as linear algebra engines for CFD is leading to new frontiers in speedup and accuracy.

Turbulence Modeling

Academic advances in numerical schemes such as Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin methods (HDG) have shown tremendous promise in parallelization and solution speed-up. Time to commercialize is now.

Scaling in multi-node GPU clusters

GPU clusters used for AI training lend themselves for parallelized scientific computing. Our math (i.e. HDG) and language platform (i.e. TensorFlow) are built from the ground up to scale efficiently in such environments.

What We Do

Accelerated CFD on AI Platforms

a pioneering computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver platform designed to accelerate solutions to engineering problems across many industries, such as energy transition, automotive, aerospace, and computer chip fabrication.

Eigen Control

Eigen's mission is to create AI that reasons from first principles to predict reality. We provide a physics and chemistry computational platform for software tools used in planning and control of real-time industrial systems.

Eigen has deployed a machine learning based chemistry inference platform for close-loop control in refinery plants. We are also developing machine-learning assisted spectroscopy for chemistry analysis.
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